YONYFY offers Sport Cards for both SHL and HockeyAllsvenskan in two different app, available on App Store and Google Play.

The app for SHL & HockeyAllsvenskan lets you buy, collect and sell professional Sport Cards, create your own sport profile and personalize your own Sport Card!

In the apps, you can buy and sell playing cards from SHL & Hockey Allsvenskan, with your friends and other users within the app. All player statistics are updated continuously and each player has specific skills that change throughout the season. You also get access to the latest news from SHL & HockeyAllsvenskan.

In addition to the pro Sport Cards, you can make awesome sports cards for yourself with your own picture and stats, and a sharing functionality.

So, go ahead and make a sport star of yourself and store/collect famous player on your phone!

YONYFY share the revenue with the participating leagues. Shortly, it will be possible to collect more teams from different sports and leagues.

You earn free coins by adding friends to you app!

Join the excitement and become a YONYFYER today!

Key features

Buy, collect and sell digital professional playing cards

Create your own Sport Card card and become a superstar

Community for hockey players and fans of hockey

Get 4000 free coins for each friend you invite who signs up at SHL or HockeyAllsvenskan

News feed with all the latest from SHL and HockeyAllsvenskan

Download your own Sport Card and share to social media

Coming soon

More sports will be launched in 2017

Features for viewing movies, footage etc. on the professional playing cards and users' own playing cards

Fun competitions in the app with opportunities to win more coins etc

Ability to purchase related products inside the app

Subscription services for more customized editorial content